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July, 2012:

How to select a Kindle Touch Case

I bought a Kindle Touch for $99. It’s a beautiful e-ink eReader with touch gesture interface and access millions of Kindle books. I’d like to protect it and make sure that I don’t get stretch on the screen.

It would be wise to a protector for the Kindle Touch Screen. With slightly below than $10, I could get a few piece of screen protector. Getting them on screen without “bubbles” is pretty straight forward.

Furthermore, I could get a Cover for Kindle Touch at I really like the lighted Cover as it’s just about $40 with built-in light. I know someone prefers getting a cheap cover for $25 and get another Reading light, but it’s a little bit cumbersome for me. Why don’t get a first class cover to protect my Kindle Touch and have its life longer?

Also I could have my personality and pick “Black” or “brown”.. whatever that is available.